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CBD Oil Tincture Trial: Day 3

As mentioned yesterday, Gideon was given an additional dose of CBD oil (with his evening medication bottle) in the amount of 8mg. He slept more soundly, and his body was definitely looser during sleep and upon waking.

Today, both Gideon and Kaylee had a dental visit. We were delighted to see that Gideon had more laxity in his jaw and facial muscles. He opened much wider than before. He still smiles more and speaks with less struggle and smoother voice quality. This additional laxity in Gideon’s facial, neck, and jaw muscles should enable him to learn to eat, speak, and brush his teeth more easily than before. This dental visit did, in fact, show that the CBD is helpful for Gideon in many areas. When you think about it, to be able to open your mouth wide enough to accommodate a dental inspection also means that you will be able to open enough to use a spoon or fork properly. Prior to CBD, it was difficult to get Gideon to open his mouth enough to fit a spoon. With assistance from his wonderful team of therapists, we are sure that this will enable him to move forward with learning to eat and speak with less frustration and (as is always possible) less pain.

To follow up with Gideon’s core muscles and their hypotonia, I consulted with his therapist for her professional opinion. She saw him yesterday and will see him again next week. I think his tone is more balanced overall. Yet, I must look at whether I am seeing with “rose-colored glasses.” Also, it is not wise to make a full assessment of how it is affecting his core based on these few days alone, because he is still acclimating to his laxity. What may look like an abundance of low tone now, could merely be the fact that he is still adjusting. All of these concerns will be addressed with his therapist.

As more news and discoveries are made, we will be sure to update our wonderful audience!

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