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CBD Oil Tincture Trial: Days 24-30

Hello World,

As mentioned last week, we set his night time dosage to 16mg to balance the day and night doses before increasing his daily dosage. He did very well with this. So, Monday, one week after his evening dosage change, we increased his daily dosage to 24mg to total 40mg/day (24mg AM and 16mg PM). Yesterday, he had that same increased level of calmness some get the first day after a dosage change.

We noticed Gideon’s hamstring are getting quite tight again and need more PT and more time using his evening leg/knee braces. Since he had just increased his dosage, I decided to see if he could handle wearing both legs all night. If he could, this would be the first time he has ever tolerated that. Good news—he tolerated it! Tonight, I will try again. The CBD has wonderful effects on his entire body, but we must not forget that he still requires lots of therapy. Of course, his therapists still visit, and we still work with him. Yet, currently, we are reviewing our parental caretaking courses of therapy. Every so often, despite what the therapists work on, you must reassess how you provide your child’s daily therapy as a parent and caretaker. I try to do this at least every 6 months or earlier if any changes necessitate making changes.

Gideon’s OT has suggested we work with the accessible crayons. Of course, we are going to continue our focus on all of his braces. He still wears them for longer with no problems. I want to get him into his walker more, but we still need to discuss “homework” suggestions with his PT. We are still working on Gideon’s communication. He makes choices more easily and more often. His vocalization range is broadening a bit every day. He continues to want to attempt more tummy time and pre-crawling positions. We facilitate that with a special pillow, although he does like the plain floor at times.

We have noticed that although he has greater ability to move, he is tending toward old habits of movement that he used before. This makes sense, as this was all he knew and that had become his muscle memory. We will have to focus on breaking these habits as well in a gentle way. I definitely still need some guidance there.

I think we should really focus on getting his current home therapy regimen in order and in practice before we increase the dosage anymore. So, for now, we will work on this program and monitor Gideon’s progress on this dosage.

Thank you for reading! <3

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