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CBD Oil Tincture Trial: Days 31-44

Hello World!

To follow up Gideon’s therapeutic path, his PCP has ordered an intensive evaluation from PT, OT, and SLP. Their evaluation will be used to help us build a therapeutic schedule for Greg and me to follow. This would help us keep a consistent therapeutic schedule regardless of what happens with home therapy visits. This is a blessing and we are thrilled to have these evaluations.

I skipped a week of writing as my husband and Gideon’s father, Greg, has recently had surgery. If you are wondering: it was not life-threatening, and he is well. We needed time for healing and adjustment as a family. So, we used this time to let Gideon adjust to the increased daytime dosage. He settled in with it well. Again, in Gideon’s case, it all boils down to having a strong therapeutic schedule to really make use of the benefits of the CBD oil.

Last night, to once again balance the day and evening doses, we increased Gideon’s evening dosage to 24mg to total 48 mg/day. We felt it was time to balance the doses since he had adjusted to the increased daytime dose. We will not increase his dosage again until we have worked long and hard on his new therapeutic schedule.

We have seen Gideon continue to work diligently to speak, move, crawl, etc. more. He still smiles and giggles more. The CBD is still making his life much more livable and enjoyable, and it is still giving him the muscular freedom to make real progress in his therapies.

As mentioned, Gideon has tendencies to use bodily movements that are functionally inappropriate. These movements served him well when was barely able to move, but now, they hinder him. We are working to teach him that he no longer REQUIRES these movements and, of course, how to move mechanically appropriately. Also, we have realized that Gideon needs a stander (picture below).

We have been using a walker (AKA gait trainer, picture below) as per various professionals’ medical and therapeutic opinions. It is clear that this is not helping him to bear weight on his legs properly. He does not have the strength in his muscles to simply stand and attempt walking yet. So, using this alone has many flaws at this point in his progress and development. I think that for some children, this would be enough. Unfortunately, I think we have proven that he needs the stander. It would provide better support and will help him to be able to use a gait trainer later when he has more muscle and strength.

As many of you are, the Chernoff household is preparing for the holidays. We have found a few products that seem to suit Gideon’s special needs this year. You would be amazed at how difficult it can be to find toys and games that are both functional and fun that fit every specific need a child has! For instance, Gideon still cannot point, so anything that requires that is out. He can touch things with accuracy at times, but his lack of fine motor skills eliminates much of the techie toys and toys in general. Also, he can only sit at certain heights due to the limits on his equipment, so many things we will have to modify as we assemble it to suit both Gideon and Kaylee’s needs.

The toys above are what we thought would be the best for both Gideon and Kaylee. It is much easier to shop for Kaylee. We will get her toys suited to her own personality and developmental level as well. We hope these 3 will promote interaction between her and Gideon. At only 1.5 years old, Kaylee is trying to understand her brother and find ways to bond with him. He wants to bond with her as well and often tries to play and communicate. That is why we tried to choose gifts that are functional and fun for both, yet provide the opportunity for play and sharing.

What kinds of toys do you like to get for your children? Do your children like STEM toys? Our older ones do.

Here’s to happy holiday prep!

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