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CBD Oil Tincture Trial: Days 45-60

Hello World!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

The toys we chose for the holidays were a hit! Gideon loved the fishing set and drums, especially.

Gideon has remained on his rollercoaster of only taking his meds once a day. We have tried, again, to reset his schedule to no avail. So, we are rolling with it and doing the best we can to ensure he gets at least half of his second dose of meds. Missing Baclofen has caused some clonus, but some frankincense and lavender EO along with some good stretching eased those symptoms.

Despite the difficulties with his schedule, Gideon has still made progress with his attempts at crawling. He is now attempting to lift his knees and use them to propel himself. Again, this is not something he would have been so successful with if he had not received CBD oil. In only 2 months, he has made leaps and bounds in his attempts to crawl and move about. He not only rolls over and over and over with much greater ease (he used to stop mid-roll or between rolls), but he is also holding himself up on his arms with greater ease which has aided him in his attempts to crawl.

A sound, logical mind might wonder—couldn’t this be the result of a natural spike in his development? While that might have something to do with it, based on his progress without CBD, it is unlikely that these gains are SOLELY due to developmental changes. Other considerations include therapy and the effect of watching his younger sister surpass him in mobility and motor skills. Still, his therapy has been irregular due to the holidays and the changing of providers. So, while this has helped, it cannot be the lone factor for his progress. His sister certainly has lit a fire under him, but he has always had strong drive. It is our assumption that his drive was further kindled by her progress, but it cannot explain the leap. To be completely honest, we think that the CBD has had the strongest effect on his progress in mobility and other areas. Of course, to be completely fair, it would make sense to say that the combination of CBD and the other variables (as a whole) has been the secret to his progress. It’s like pieces of a puzzle. Some pieces are the anchors—those that help the rest of the picture come together. Other pieces fill in the gaps. In our case, the anchors seem to be CBD, therapy, and his mighty, mighty will.

Feel free to ask questions or comment. We would love to hear from you! Thank you for reading! Have a happy and prosperous new year! ????

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