USA Medical CBD gummies


USA Medical CBD gummies taste delicious and provide relief for stress, anxiety, and restless sleep.

Straight from nature to you, USA Medical CBD gummies are organic, GMO-free, and vegan:

  • Sleep Better
  • Calm Your Anxiety
  • Relieve Your Stress

Finally, you can relax and live with less stress thanks to these CBD gummies from USA Medical.

Size: 20pcs
Concentration: 10mg CBD/gummy
Flavor: Assorted Fresh Fruit

Recommended for individuals with anxiety, stress, and/or trouble sleeping.


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You’ve probably heard of a thousand different “natural” ways to manage anxiety, stress, and restless sleep… yet none of them worked.

Here’s why CBD is different. CBD is a phytocannabinoid (a cannabinoid found in plants) that, when consumed, causes your body to make more endocannabinoids (cannabinoids found in your body).

When you take CBD, it forces the system in your body that deals with anxiety, stress, and sleep, to relax and heal itself. CBD isn’t like an NSAID (like ibuprofen), which just dulls the receptors in your brain; CBD actually causes your body to begin repairing itself and finally achieve relief.

Our CBD gummies taste delicious. Over a year’s worth of testing, tasting, and re-testing went into these ultra-pure USA Medical CBD gummies. There’s no better-tasting CBD gummy on the market –  and these are guaranteed to work, or your money back!



USA Medical CBD gummies are expertly crafted with the purest, organic ingredients.

Hemp Oil Blend

A blend of phytocannabinoid-rich (broad-spectrum) THC-free hemp distillate containing:

  • 89.1% total CBD (including CBD-A & CBDV)
  • 1% CBC
  • 1% CBE
  • 0.2% CBG
  • 1% CBN
  • 1% CBT
  • 6.7% other minor cannabinoids

This potent CBD-based distillate packs the powerful and organic punch you want from CBD gummies.

Vegan (Plant-Based) Pectin

While many CBD gummy manufacturers use glycerin, gelatin, and other materials to form their CBD gummies, we use pectin, an all-natural, plant-based starch found in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables.

This makes USA Medical CBD gummies incredibly easy for your body to digest and safe for regular usage!



The average dose of CBD for both new and experienced users ranges from 10-25mg of CBD per dose. We recommend a dose of 10-25mg of CBD, 1-2 times daily.

Any dose above 25mg will cause drowsiness, so reserve that dose for bedtime!

Our USA Medical CBD gummies come in 10mg dosages per gummy.

CBD Gummie Dosage Chart 1 Gummy 2 Gummies 3 Gummies 4 Gummies
10mg CBD Gummy 10mg CBD 20mg CBD 30mg CBD 40mg CBD

Many users prefer combining their CBD gummies with our potent & fast-acting CBD oil. There’s no wrong way to get your daily dose of CBD from USA Medical!



There’s no other company offering gummies like USA Medical CBD gummies. All USA Medical CBD gummies are:

  1. Actually made in the USA (most CBD gummies are made in China or Korea)
  2. Actually vegan (anything containing gelatin is not vegan)
  3. Actually as potent as claimed (ours are lab-certified exactly 10mg CBD per gummy)
  4. Free from heavy metals (like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury)

Here at USA Medical, we pledge to always go the extra mile to ensure your safety – that means transparency at every step in our process.

If there are any questions you have regarding the purity, potency, or authenticity of USA Medical products, you can always email us at and we’ll happily have a discussion with you!


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