USA Medical CBD Oil for Pets


CBD oil is known to provide powerful relief for, anxiety, pain, and restless sleep.

Straight from nature to your pets, USA Medical CBD oil for pets is organic, GMO-free, and vegan:

  • Calm Pets’ Anxiety
  • Relieve Pets’ Joint Pain
  • Help Pets’ Sleep Better

Finally, your pets can relax and live happier thanks to this CBD oil for pets tincture for sale from USA Medical.

Size: 30mL (1oz)
Concentration: Variable (250mg – 500mg)
Flavor: No Flavor

Recommended for pets with anxiety, pain, trouble sleeping, and/or energy control problems.


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Our pets struggle with many of the same anxieties, stressors, and inflammatory pain that we do – yet rarely are offered a natural solution. USA Medical CBD oil for pets is the all-natural, lab-certified relief your dogs, cats, bunnies, and every other household pet will love!

Here’s how CBD works: CBD is a phytocannabinoid (a cannabinoid found in plants) that, when consumed, causes the body to make more endocannabinoids (cannabinoids found in our body).

When you take CBD, it forces the system in your body that deals with anxiety, stress, inflammatory pain, and sleep, to relax and heal itself. CBD isn’t like an NSAID (like ibuprofen), which just dulls the receptors in your brain; CBD actually causes your body to begin repairing itself and finally achieve relief. The relief humans experience from CBD is the same relief pets experience using CBD oil for pets!



USA Medical CBD oil for pets is expertly crafted with the purest, organic ingredients.

100% Isolated CBD

USA Medical CBD oil for pets is crafted using 100% pure CBD isolate to ensure your pets get exactly what research shows they need – CBD.

The main reason for using an isolated CBD instead of a broad-spectrum CBD for pets is due to the science behind CBD isolate for pets. We don’t want any adverse or unexpected effects to come to your pets, that means using CBD isolate is how we ensure the benefits of CBD including:

  • Anxiety Relief (Including separation anxiety, GAD, and nervousness)
  • Pain Relief
  • Better Sleep

USA Medical CBD isolate is USDA organic certified, GMO-free, and vegan.


We know that pets are very particular when it comes to how things taste, which is why our CBD oil for pets is completely flavorless! We dissolve our isolated CBD in MCT oil, which is researched to be an incredibly healthy and beneficial supplement for pets!

MCT oil (or, medium-chain triglyceride oil) helps your pet’s body to absorb the CBD more quickly and thoroughly, which means your dog will feel the effects of the CBD tincture oil faster.

Additionally, MCT oil is taken for:

  • Problems taking in fat or nutrients
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite control
  • Extra energy
  • Inflammation

USA Medical MCT oil is USDA organic certified, GMO-free, and vegan.



The best CBD dosage for pets is typically based on their weight. Small pets (<10lb) can take between 2mg-5mg of CBD per day. Mid-sized pets (10lb-50lb) can take between 2mg-15mg of CBD per day. Large pets (>50lb) can take between 5mg-25mg of CBD oil for pets per day.

Because our pets can’t communicate verbally, it’s incredibly important that you closely monitor your pet’s reaction to CBD and take care to increase/decrease the dosage based upon the behavior of your pet.

Our CBD oil comes with a 1 mL glass dropper, graduated every 1/4 mL. This makes dosing your CBD incredibly easy!

CBD Dosage Chart 1/4 mL 1/2 mL 3/4 mL 1 mL
250mg CBD Oil
2mg CBD 4mg CBD 6mg CBD 8mg CBD
500mg CBD Oil
4mg CBD 8mg CBD 13mg CBD 17mg CBD

There’s no difference in each of our USA Medical CBD oil for pets’ tinctures except for the amount of CBD packed into each bottle. That means there’s no wrong choice when you’re buying CBD oil from USA Medical!

You should consult with your veterinarian before use. Administer orally or mix into food. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.



At USA Medical, we treat every product with the same respect, care, and attention, which means that we’ve ensured that even our CBD oil for pets is premium quality – humans can ingest CBD oil for pets from USA Medical! We believe there is no reason to feed our pets anything that we wouldn’t also eat, so this product has been lab-tested and certified by all the same ISO standards as our other CBD and CBG products!


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