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CBD Oil Tincture Trial: Day 1

As many of you might know, Gideon was on CBD oil earlier this year. From May 24, 2017 through July 20, 2017, Gideon did a trial using BioCBDPlus, 10mg once a day. We saw results with his muscular spasticity, a complication of cerebral palsy. For a while, we no longer had access to CBD. Sadly, as a result, Gideon saw a reversal in some of his progress because the spasticity returned to its previous state. From that day forward, we vowed not to give Gideon CBD until we have a consistent supply.

We have been working hard to provide Gideon with CBD on our own. Yet, on our journey to build the e-commerce shop on our Serenity Valley Hemp Company website, we have made some amazing friends and partners in the hemp and CBD industries. The wonderful people of Hemp My Pet heard about Gideon’s story and offered us a consistent supply of CBD. We are so very thankful for this amazing gift! You might wonder how pet supplements could help Gideon. Many people are unaware that the formulations are very similar from pet to human. Hemp My Pet will be expanding their line to include tinctures and other preparations for humans very soon. For this trial, we are using Hemp My Pet’s 1000mg tincture. It is pure, full-spectrum hemp oil and hemp extract.

Note: At this time, we are only looking at the effects on the complications of cerebral palsy, not epilepsy. In time, with a higher dose and under doctor supervision, we will attempt to treat his epilepsy using this method. We are taking it one step at a time.

Gideon’s dosage was previously 10mg. This formulation is easiest to measure in 8mg doses. Since Gideon was previously above 8mg and we would like to see how he progresses with a slightly higher dose, we decided to start him at 16mg per day. Even on Day 1, we are seeing incredible results!

After about 30-35 minutes of his first dose, it was obvious to see that Gideon’s muscles were much looser than they were prior to taking the dose. Often, people will notice a “sedative” period when beginning CBD oil in the first few days. While this is true for Gideon, it is in no way like pharmaceutical sedation. He is “at peace” and loose, NOT “drugged out.” Basically, there was some initial sluggishness that quickly disappeared. Already we are seeing Gideon vocalize more freely and with a lot less effort. From swallowing to grasping, his movements are far smoother and come with much greater ease. His hands are open wide and his fingers move freely. Usually, Gideon’s hands are tight-fisted. Even his eye tracking is smoother! He is generally happier and smiling much more. There is no end to the delight we feel!

He does seem to be acclimating to having such laxity. Imagine suddenly changing from movements so stiff that a robot looks smoother by comparison to being down right floppy. This is where adjustment comes in. He has to get used to using his body in this state. This is a WONDERFUL thing, though! Every movement in his entire muscular system—head/neck, limbs, face, mouth, esophagus, GI tract, etc.—is so much easier for him! This may enable him to learn to speak, eat, and crawl in less time than he would have without treatment. Any pain that he usually cannot communicate seems to have melted away. He simply glows with laughter and happiness! Any other day, he does smile, but not this much and not this easily. He has literally gone from being comparative to a plank of wood to noodles after a single dose.

      Keep in mind—this only DAY ONE!

Thank you all for following us on this journey! We offer a big, warm hug of thanks to Hemp My Pet for giving Gideon this incredible opportunity!

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